An Email Invitation System

How Exhibitor Invites Works

Welcome to Exhibitor Invites for the 2018 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, the email invitation system that allows exhibitors to reach their customers and prospects with a customized email invitation by completing this Easy 4 Step Process.

Step 1: Upload Your Email List

Step 2: Enter Your Custom Information

Step 3: View & Approve Invites

Step 4: Schedule Your Invites

Step 1: Upload Your Email List

Get your customer and email list(s) ready to upload into your Exhibitor Invites account. The system provides you with three options to upload your list, (1) Auto-upload tab delimited file, (2) Copy and Paste email addresses or (3) Submit an excel file.

Each list you upload into your Exhibitor Invites requires that you acknowledge that you are in compliance with the Federal CAN SPAM ACT. The message below will appear each time you upload a new list.

CAN SPAM Compliance Notice: Please confirm that the email list you have submitted on behalf of your company is comprised of customers and prospects with which your company has a prior business relationship, and that you are aware of the regulations and requirements of the CAN SPAM ACT. Click OK to acknowledge your list is in full compliance with the Federal CAN SPAM ACT regulations and requirements.

Step 2: Your Custom Information

This is where you can customize each invitation by including specific company information such as your company logo and personalized company text. You can also adjust your company name and include contact information. Finally, you can also choose to include a product image and product text for email invitation #3 (optional).

Step 3: View & Approve Invites

This is where you can view each invitation in your web browser. We strongly recommend that you send yourself a test email to see how each invitation will appear in your email client.

View samples of email invites

Step 4: Schedule Your Invitation

This is where you specify the list, delivery date and time for each email invite. A default schedule is included for your convenience, which you can adjust. We do require a seven day separation between each email invitation in the series.



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