ProFood Tech 2017 | April 4-6, 2017 | Chicago
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From Becker Pumps Corporation
Official ProFood Tech 2017 Exhibitor:
Becker Pumps Corporation
Darin Ladd

We're exhibiting at the debut of ProFood Tech
and we hope to see you there!

Visit us in booth 2447.

Becker Pumps Corporation

You are invited to join Becker Pumps Corporation at ProFood Tech in Chicago, April 4-6, 2017. We will be showcasing our latest products and innovations, and will have our top product experts on hand to answer your questions.

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Fast-paced advances in food and beverage processing require an event that can forge the industry's path ahead: ProFood Tech. Be there when this brand-new, biennial event—powered by tradeshow leaders PACK EXPO, Anuga and the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA)—brings together the biggest names in the industry to define a new era in processing.

The ProFood Tech Conference Program*, led by the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), will deliver a game-changing insights on:
  • Consumer trends that are changing the retail landscape
  • Advances in food processing technology
  • Best practices for food safety, resource efficiency and regulatory compliance
*Separate registration fees apply for the conference program.

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*Registration Requirements: Offer valid for online pre-registration only; not valid on-site. Expires April 3, 2017. Comp code is intended for use by end-user and retailer registrants. Non-exhibiting suppliers and distributors are required to pay standard attendance fees. A non-exhibiting supplier is defined as a processing or packaging professional who does NOT purchase, specify or use any packaging or processing converting equipment, supplies or services as a normal part of their job. A distributor is defined as a professional who resells processing/packaging/converting equipment/supplies. Comp code is not valid for the ProFood Tech Conference Program; separate registration fees apply.
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Becker Pumps Corporation
Darin Ladd

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